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Wyldwood Radio is a Pagan internet radio station from Wyldwood.org. On our main website you will find interviews with bands and artists featured on this station, book and album reviews and much more! We hope you'll join us there!

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About Wyldwood Radio

In memory of what was and what will be

A mighty oak, once gathered around by Druids, famed for the mistletoe in its high branches, falls in the forest. Over time his limbs, trunk and roots decay. Within the trunk woodlice, grubs and beetles eat away the old, becoming food themselves for woodpeckers, flycatchers, firecrests and doormice. Outward the bark becomes covered in mushrooms, mosses and eventually grass which feed great stag, the animal manifestation of great Cernunnos.

Where the canopy of the oak once shrouded the forest floor in darkness, now blue sky hangs overhead, dotted with crows, kites and buzzards, or covered by cloud, split by lightning and the mighty roar of Taranis. At night it becomes encircled by the stars.

The hole left by the roots fills with rain and becomes a pool around which reeds, water mint and rushes begin to grow. The waters, nourished by fresh rain and the fertile soil pick up healing properties and with time and erosion the pool becomes a well, sacred to beautiful Sulis.

No ending is without a beginning, no death without rebirth. Nothing is sacrificed without reason, nothing changes without purpose.

The single oak has fallen, no matter how loved. The Grove of the Gods is born.

Welcome back to Wyldwood Radio.

The story so far

From a humble beginning as a wyld idea in October 2011, Wyldwood Radio rapidly grew into an international station broadcasting Pagan music & Neofolk to over 21,000 listeners worlwide.

In September 2016 Wyldwood Radio took a break from broadcasting, in late 2017 we made an attempt at a reboot but with the announcement of the GDPR we were unsure if we could continue without major changes and again ceased broadcasting in January 2018.

However we are back! After much research and planning, making new friends and finding new team members, as well as a physical relocation, we are in a stronger position than ever to be able to invite you back to the Wyldwood, and this time there is more than ever!

We here at Wyldwood Radio have been proud to stand out from mainstream media for the last six years, introducing new listeners to new bands from all manner of countries. We have met many beautiful people among our listeners and the bands and artists that we play, and we are eternally thankful to the people who have supported us either with donations, social media sharing or kind words.