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Bright Blessings

The Wyldwood Radio Team

Wyldwood Evolution News

Wyldwood evolution was our crowdfunding campaign aimed at bringing to life many of the things you the listeners have requested over the last three years.

The campaign ran from Friday 1st May 2015 until Friday 5th June 2014 and in that time we raised £1339 (19.84% of our target of £6750) from the generosity of our 54 contributors.

While this amount certainly helps us to bring more new music to the station and to make some changes, it does not allow us to bring about some of the things that have been requested over the past three years.

We now enter a week of decision making with the team as to what changes we CAN bring about and as such there will be no Wyldwood Live for the week Monday 8th June - Friday 12th June 2015 while we work on the changes we need to implement.

Bright Blessings

The Wyldwood Radio Team


Below are the names of the contributors who selected perks which include having their names on our site:

Andrew Bishop - £160

Michael Barnett - £75

Children of Artemis - £25

Paul Griffin £10

James from Ye Green Men - £25

Elyria72 - £25

Charlotte Kuyvenhoven - £10

Dewi Hughes - £50

Korneel Vermeulen - £10

Phoenix Wyllow - £50

HE Sanders - £5

Carlcom66 - £40

S Turnbull - £10

M Prinsen - £10

"Net Hound" - £25

"Gwazel" - £25

Y Grenich - £25

J Hutt - £25

"Magiclantern99" - £25

A Harris - £25

"merethade13" - £25

"leanan5" - £25

"paul @ nlpagan" - £50

J Vye - £50

Havanah - £50

Bryan C - £100

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your contributions to Wyldwood Evolution, your perk rewards will be with you soon!

Bright blessings!

The Wyldwood Radio Team