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 About Wyldwood Radio

Wyldwood Radio is an internet radio station streaming Neofolk, Dark folk, Gothic folk and Pagan folk, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, worldwide.

Wyldwood Radio did close in September 2016, however we will be relaunching on February 27th 2017.

Meet the Team

We are Herne Wyldwood and Lottie Shirvington (formerly known as Nemetona). We are passionate about music and about alternative lifestyles, particularly the Gothic culture and the Neofolk and Pagan lifestyle.

Herne Wyldwood

Herne Wyldwood

Owner, Presenter, Webmaster

Herne is a a web designer, photographer, artist and author. He is also a Shamanic practitioner devoted to the Horned God in all his guises.


Lottie Shirvington

Owner, Presenter, PR & Social

Lottie is a music journalism and broadcasting graduate, She is also a ‘seeker’ inspired by the beauty and individuality of every culture.

Our Story

The Seed

The station was founded by on October 6th 2011 under the title ‘Grove Radio’. It utilised the streaming platform ‘Live-365’ which allowed a maximum of five listeners at any one time unless listeners wanted to pay a fee to listen. Although the listener slots were always full we did not believe that the total number of listeners would be any more than five and so after a year, we announced the closure of the station as it cost more money than we could afford.


The Shoot

The original logo for Wyldwood Radio from November 2012 - September 2016

Within a few hours of the announcement we received a flood of supportive words, requests to keep the station going and even some surprise donations! It turned out that the listener slots were full all day, every day because people were jostling to listen in! After a few days searching for a new host, the station moved to Radionomy and was renamed Wyldwood Radio.

The Sapling

It did not take long before we began to see just how much support there was for Wyldwood Radio as the number of listeners quickly climbed into the hundreds.

Radionomy was not the ideal platform, it was though the only platform we could afford. The stream was plagued with problems over next four years with Radionomy, including stream drop-out, geo-blocking forced adverts sometimes of a disturbing nature.

Despite the problems, the resilient listeners continued to show their love and support for the station and Wyldwood Radio grew to have a worldwide following of around 21,000 listeners per month.

The Pruning

In March 2016, we found out that Radionomy had been taken to court by Sony for non-payment of music licenses. This was terrifying, we did not know if it would affect us, though thankfully we discovered that the terms and conditions of ‘the producer’s pact’ removed liability from us as producers. However, the lawsuit saw the beginning of worsening troubles with the host, rising stress, worry over the future of the station and a gradual decline in listener numbers as ever worsening problems with the stream began to become intolerable.

The Tree is Dead...

In September 2016 Lottie had found work outside the station and could no longer cope with the stress of producing a quarterly e-zine for which she was almost entirely responsible. Lack of enthusiasm from writers meant that often, Lottie had to write the entire e-zine, bar a few articles from Herne, Duncan Lunan, Dr. Will Connor and Haeland.  Near the end of September 2016 Wyldwood Radio closed as ever worsening problems with the stream and the threat of our host being closed due to the lawsuit placed too much stress upon us.

New Shoots

The logo for Dark Apocalypse RadioIn January 1st 2017, Dark Apocalypse Radio was born. This is a new Gothic music station with a different format. To be able to work in this area is a pure pleasure as we are both Gothic.

It wasn’t long before requests came from old friends and listeners of Wyldwood Radio and from new listeners and friends of Dark Apocalypse Radio, for a Gothic folk / Dark folk playlist.

Long Live the Tree...

February 2017, our hearts would always be with Wyldwood Radio and the friends we made along the way. Though we would never have believed that Wyldwood Radio would have sprung up a new shoot after its abrupt closure, it was inevitable that one day it would relaunch, especially now that a stable, secure service had been found which did not come with the problems at Radionomy.

On paper, Wyldwood Radio is owned by SoniXcast, a Canadian company licensed by Socan, however the playlists, website, upcoming live shows, band contact, promotion, in fact everything else is organised by us and it is our dream to be able to help the station grow again and to take things even further this time.

The Relaunch

Wyldwood Radio will officially relaunch on Monday 27th February.

Next Steps...

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