Among Thieves- a brand new party game

If you are a fan of gaming, specifically card/party games, then check out this new project! The fantastic Nikola of Bulgarian band Eriney is involved; and the accompanying music is also fantastic! They are funding their game via Kickstarter, and it has 29 days to go- lots of time to get your backing in if […]

Artist spotlight for June 2016: Daemonia Nymphe

Daemonia Nymphe capture the beautiful soundscape of ancient Greece by recreating and playing ancient Greek instruments. Spyros is the first artist worldwide to compose and perform improvisations on ancient Hellenic instruments, such as Kithara, Lyre and Varvitos to name but a few. Although they are based in the UK, they have released most of their […]

Sumer is icumen in!

Hello everyone! We hope you’ve all been having a lovely weekend. We’ve been enjoying the return of the heat just in time for the celebration of ‘old’ Beltane here in the UK! Many people celebrate Beltane on the 1st May, but as the natural cycle of things doesn’t relate to man’s calendar, I think it […]

Artist spotlight for May 2016: The Moon and the Nightspirit

Originating in Hungary, The Moon and the Nightspirit were conceived in 2003 by Ágnes Tóth and Mihály Szabó. Releasing their debut album in 2005- ‘Of Dreams Forgotten and Fables Untold’- they were also featured on Hungarian television along with a number of early shows helped to bring the band to everyone’s attention and grow interest […]

Love Wyldwood Radio? Now you can show the world!

We have had many of our lovely listeners asking for Wyldwood Radio t-shirts, and now they are available for just $15! (At the time of writing, that’s around £10). So if you want to show the world your love for Wyldwood Radio head on over and check them out- they’re available from size small up […]

Joe Caudwell releases video for Earthgroove release

The latest album by Joe Caudwell (formerly Cephalodidge) is called Earthgroove and features many instruments he enjoys using. Today he’s posted up a video of him by the seaside talking about some of the instruments used on the album and including an album preview. You can see the video via Joe’s channel here: Get […]